Property Owners

Private Clients

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Most of our enquiries from private individuals concern the possibility of either selling part of their rear garden or indeed the whole of their property, either on an individual basis or with neighbours.

This may be because you have made the decision to release some or all of the capital from your property, or perhaps you have been approached by a land developer with an offer.

Our extensive experience means that we can:

  • provide an entirely independent view on the fairness of any developer’s offer;
  • advise on the prospects of obtaining a planning permission that will enhance the value of your property and of course give you an indication what that figure will be, so that you can enter into any subsequent negotiations in the strongest possible position;
  • either submit the planning application on your behalf or adopt a co-ordinating role for the project by appointing Architects and specialist Town Planners and any other professional input as deemed necessary;
  • negotiate on your behalf to resolve any covenant or rights of way issues that may apply;
  • conduct the sale of your consented land in a totally professional and independent manner.

No two scenarios are ever exactly the same; you may already have planning consent – with our specialist marketing techniques and extensive contacts we can ensure you get the best possible financial return.

For unbiased advice on any aspect of development contact us. It could either save or make you a small fortune.

Commercial & Business Clients

At IHL, we have significant experience of most forms of residential development including finding alternative uses for commercial premises.

Businesses of all sizes can be very attractive to residential developers, especially if they are located within a predominately residential area where they can be termed as being ‘a non-conforming user’.

Very often a redevelopment of such a site can be seen as providing a ‘planning gain’ by the local authority thus making the whole process of gaining consent quicker.

We can assist in most aspects of your business apart from the sale of houses as we are totally independent land agents and not agency based.

With our industry expertise and contacts, we are able to:

  • introduce purchaser/developer opportunities as appropriate;
  • undertake land assemblies following your leads;
  • arrange a discreet disposal of commercial land, if required, or a full open market sale – whichever is the most appropriate to your needs;
  • find interested parties for land swap arrangements.

We are continually looking for development opportunities, so whatever your requirements, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help. All conversations would be in complete confidence and can be held in a location to suit you.

Institutional Clients

Many private school and nursing home owners, although asset rich through buildings and land owned, find the financial burdens of running their establishments on a day to day basis difficult.

If the above statement applies to you, or you are thinking of retirement, why not contact us in complete confidence so that we can give you an independent assessment of the redevelopment potential of your property.

A first discussion, as well as being confidential, is without any form of commitment or charge.