IHL is an independent company that specialises in the identification, valuation, acquisition and sale of land for residential development.

Using [30 years] experience in residential sales and developments, we bring an understanding of moving market trends and developer demand, and apply it to specific local property and planning knowledge, to identify real development potential.

As an independent company, we work both with property owners and a wide range of developer organisations.

We have a significant portfolio of previous work where we have successfully brought together the needs of property owners, developers and local communities.

Our role

IHL fundamentally has two complementary roles in redevelopment negotiations:

  • We can work with the owners of private or commercial/institutional property to understand development potential. By applying our extensive knowledge of developer demand and local planning rules, we can bring significant insight into how a property owner may optimise the value of their land, and initiate negotiations as appropriate;
  • We can work with developer organisations to identify a range of potential locations for planned developments by undertaking preliminary investigations and discussions with property owners.

In either case, our objective is to align property with real potential with quality developers.

For further information, please feel free to browse our pages for property owners or developers. For examples of our previous developments, go to our Gallery page.

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